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have a house party

One of the best tried-and-true ways of helping independent films get made is for a strong supporter of the film to hold a “House Party,” inviting up to 20 guests to their home, usually friends and colleagues of means who have a natural interest in the film’s subject and would therefore be potential donors.  They are invited to attend a special screening of either the full work-in-progress or a “pitch” reel, and to meet the filmmaker and have an opportunity to learn more about the film.  Light refreshments are usually served.  It is in many ways similar to a gathering to support a political candidate, except that in this case all contributions are tax-deductible.

The invitation (in the form of a personal note) should clearly state that the party is being held to support the film and that tax-deductible contributions will be solicited.

After about half an hour for guests to get comfortable, the host says a few words about why he or she believes the film is important and worth the guests’ valuable time.  The host then introduces the filmmaker, whose remarks give some background on the film and set up the screening.

After the screening there will be a fifteen-minute opportunity for guests to ask the filmmaker questions about the film.  After that, the host or a pre-arranged guest makes a solicitation for contributions, perhaps first stating how much she or he has already contributed to the film or intends to.

Contributors are invited to become involved in outreach efforts on behalf of the film and will receive regular notifications on the film’s progress and invitations to future screenings and, depending on the amount of their donation, will be given tickets to the finished film’s premiere.

Guests who are not ready to make a commitment to the film at this time will be invited to join the film’s mailing list to receive updates.

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