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Help us to complete this film so that the words and persona of this spiritual giant can reach a 21st century audience hungry for moral direction and spiritual uplift.

You may make a secure online contribution to the film here.

All contributions are tax-deductible.

Or, if you prefer to make your contribution via snail mail, please make out your check to the New York Foundation for the Arts, earmarked for Praying With My Legs, and mail it to:

Ways & Means Productions
285 Riverside Drive, #15D
New York, NY 10025-5228

Here is what your dollars can accomplish:
  • a contribution of $25,000 will pay for archival film & video footage rights
  • a contribution of $14,000 will pay for the use of 80 archival stills
  • a contribution of $3,100 will pay for the digitization of three 30-minute archival films, including a rarely seen 1964 interview with Rabbi Heschel
  • a contribution of $2,100 will pay a film crew for one day of shooting (two interviews plus scenics)
  • a contribution of $275 will pay for 100 pages of transcripts
  • a contribution of $100 will pay an archival researcher for a half day

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Praying With My Legs  

Praying With My Legs

The Radically Amazing Life & Times                              of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel