In this age of moral relativism and ethical uncertainty, when fundamentalist beliefs have all too often become a convenient substitute for thinking …. wouldn’t it be nice to be reminded of basic religious and human values which center us on what’s really important as we go about our lives?  

Praying With My Legs attempts to do just that in the form of a two-hour documentary about the life, thought and transformative impact of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

Eloquent and charismatic, Heschel managed to combine the zeal of the Hebrew Prophets with the joy and love for humanity of his Hasidic heritage.

Photo: Joel Orent

Most Americans -- even, sadly to say, most American Jews -- have never heard of this amazing and inspiring man.  Although widely known in “progressive” religious circles and often mentioned in the same breath as other spiritual giants such as Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa and Gandhi, Heschel, to our nation’s great spiritual and moral loss, is still a jewel waiting to be discovered by a wider audience.

Until now.


                                                                                                                                We are happy to report that a 15 minute excerpt from Praying With My Legs was on view in Paris at the Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme.

The video was part of a major exhibition on the biblical lawgiver Moses which ran from October 4, 2015 through February 21, 2016.

There is a very nice write-up on this by Sian Gibby in Tablet Magazine.    


Praying With My Legs filmmaker Steve Brand was the recipient of an International Fellowship in Jewish Studies from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. 
The purpose of the fellowship is "to assist well-qualified individuals in carrying out an independent scholarly, literary or art project, in a field of Jewish specialization, which makes a significant contribution to the understanding, preservation or transmission of Jewish culture."

Praying With My Legs  

Praying With My Legs

The Radically Amazing Life & Times                              of Abraham Joshua Heschel